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1.High-rate Internet Access.

Subscription to High-rate Internet Access includes the following services:
  • opening mail boxes at Provider's server;
  • posting personal web-pages at Provider's server;
  • FTP-access to a personal web-page for regular update and editing of posted content.

A number of payment plans is offered by MOSINFOCOM to sign up for High-rate Internet Access.

For additional inquiries regarding this service, please, call +7 (495) 988-47-88 or e-mail to info@mosinfocom.com

2. Digital Telephone Communications.

MOSINFOCOM offers a full range of high quality digital telephone communications services that can be tailored to any customer's needs.

By contacting MOSINFOCOM, you will be entitled to the following telephone services:
  • necessary number of Moscow telephone lines (direct or extension lines);
  • High quality local, long-distance or international telephone communications at highly attractive rates;
  • Additional servicing functions such as call transfer, incoming call indicator, call waiting, etc.;
  • Integration of remote office locations into a single corporate telephone network;
  • Combining fixed telephone communications with Internet access, data transmission and mobile communications to facilitate any business related processes of a customer!

3. Е1 Channel Lease.

Customers who do not need direct Moscow telephone lines can lease outgoing local, long-distance and international communications channels. For such customers, required number of E1 channels (2048 Kbit/sec., 30 telephone lines) can be provided via a fiber-optic cable that will be run to the customer's office location.

4. Additional services.

Call transfer

MOSINFOCOM renders a ‘call transfer's service that allows our customers to always keep in touch and answer important telephone calls no matter what their current location is.

Call transfer is possible to any kind of telephone numbers, either fixed or mobile, local or international, including a voice mailbox.


Call-back service rendered by MOSINFOCOM, i.e. conversion of an outgoing call into an incoming one is a perfect way for optimizing (significantly reducing) our customer's telephone bills.


MOSINFOCOM offers a ‘fax — to — e-mail's service, i.e. you can receive fax messages to your e-mail address, which reduces load on your telephone lines and saves work time of your employees.

Hosting service

MOSINFOCOM offers hosting services for customers' data bases at MOSINFOCOM server facilities.


Set-up of mail server with allocation of e-mail addresses.


Co-location — set-up of customer's server hardware at our technical sites that are equipped with uninterrupted power supply, environment control and security systems. MOSINFOCOM guarantees highly reliable uninterrupted operation of customer's hardware.

Voice management

Voice management service is designed for efficient call distribution utilizing a Voice Manager system that guarantees no unanswered calls even if the operator line is busy.

Voice management will enhance the efficiency of your operators' work thus allowing your company to deliver good quality services 24 hours a day.


MOSINFOCOM can provide internal and external IP-addresses for its customers.


Videoconferencing is a service that offers the following capabilities at low cost and maximum efficiency:

  • Corporate meetings of multi-divisional companies;
  • Business negotiations with partners located in other Russian cities and abroad;
  • Remote training, refresher courses and testing of employees;
  • Remote interviews of candidates for employment;
  • процедуры Remote medical diagnostics;
  • Remote consulting.

Videoconferencing makes meetings and negotiations convenient and easy, saves work time and reduces travel expenses.

MOSINFOCOM offers various types of videoconferencing services described below:

Videoconferencing at MOSINFOCOM facilities

MOSINFOCOM offers a specialized videoconference facility that is located at ‘North Tower' business center. The facility is equipped with modern videoconferencing aids that provide television-like image quality (30 frames per second, audio-band width 7 kHz).Rates for videoconferences range from 64 to 512 Kbit/sec., point-to-point and multipoint capabilities (up to four parties involved, each is at different location) can be provided.The service is available 24 hours a day. Video link can be established with 25 countries.

About companyAbout company ServicesServices Our partnersOur partners TariffsTariffs

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